(without nutrition changes, weights or a single rep)

Hey Trainers and Coaches…
Have you had this nagging feeling in your gut?

  • You know you can help your clients lose 10, 20, even 30+ pounds…
  • You know you can help them get ripped, lift more and look better…
  • But you ALSO know that’s not what’s gunna make them feel confident, happy or even fulfilled..

You’ve probably realized….
What your clients REALLY need to lose are:

  • The limiting stories they’re subconsciously looped in… holding them hostage from true joy + happiness
  • The emotional trauma that’s unconsciously directing their behaviour and often sabotaging their efforts
  • And the PAIN of their PAST that’s keeping them a victim in their presentemotionally and even physically

THAT’S what we have to help our clients lose…

And that’s why I am inviting
you to join me becoming certified in

The unfair advantage for coaches
and trainers on a mission
to creatE more impact.

If you’re one of the heart-centred trainers who wants to step up and create real and lasting emotional and behavioural change in your clients lives (without having to hound them all the time)

If you want to be the secret weapon that helps your clients weird physical pain/weaknesses melt off their body (without massage, physio or acupuncture)

If you want to deliver better results, create DEEPER impact and make MORE money as a trainer (that your clients are happy to pay you)

This is the secret weapon that'll get you there..

If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would be holding space for clients to finally acknowledge and cry about past traumas, and then within days see them lose weight, lose chronic pain, look younger and lift better...

I would have LAUGHED OUT LOUD.

(Okay, not gunna lie: I did laugh out loud. And roll my eyes. Until I experienced my own S.I.T. Transformation).

Firstly, Hi, I’m Mel. 

If we haven’t met yet, I’m a trainer, olympic weight-lifter, cross-fit advocate and mother of a Chocolate Lab - Cooper.

I dunno about you, but I’ve always been really skeptical of the hippie-voodoo-woohoo… I often made fun of people that were wrapped into spirituality and thought they were “losing it a little”.

Coming from a background where "hard work" was really rewarded both by family and coaches, my job had always been to work hard, enjoy little.

When I stumbled onto Crossfit, I found my edge. I didn’t just find a new activity to indulge in, I fucking dove into the whole lifestyle - becoming extremely successful after only 1 year of training.

People started to recognize me from podium after podium. I felt important.

When I made it to regional competitions, I was IT.

I had people dating me or hanging out with me for who I was as an athlete…not who I was as a person.

I was finally seen by peers, other athletes, and friends.

And this is where my craving for significance started.

I was winning at life and at my sport. Winning started to mean I was loved.

It was f*&%ing AMAZING…. Until it wasn’t.

I attached all of my worth into winning... .

And then I got so scared to lose it all - placing SECOND felt like FAILING.

I felt so constricted and contracted, trapped in myself… I started to self sabotage to give myself an out.

I ruined relationships by clinging onto them.

I kept fueling this BEAST of significance, but nothing would truly fulfill it…

I got hurt both physically and emotionally multiple times.

But I just continued pushing through life and training… Isn’t that what athletes do?

Until one day my body literally stopped me.

And forced me to wake the f&%k up.

My hips were hurting so much that I could no longer squat without pain..
And I am not talking uncomfortable, I am taking extreme debilitating pain.

I tried everything; physiotherapy, chiropractics, needles, acupuncture, and massage.

Until finally, I was offered a S.I.T. Session.

I put my ego aside, stopped laughing at the hippie-woowoo stuff and tried it as my last resort.

This one Subconscious Imprinting session
is THE session that changed everything.

I released anger from my childhood that I wasn’t consciously aware was there. Yea, big deal right?

To my surprise, the pain disappeared completely. Within ONE day.

The debilitating pain that almost ended my career, that NOTHING would touch, was completely gone.

I was back to the gym in ONE DAY, training the same amount with the same weights.. With NO pain.

“All because of acknowledging anger from my childhood? What in the actual fuck?”

Naturally, I was skeptical, but also curious. So I went to another session. And then another... And then in true Mel style, I was HOOKED. 

The more we connected to emotional pains from my childhood, the better I was becoming as an athlete.

I also started to feel confident in myself… and even stopped self sabotaging.

I felt this profound, unshakeable knowing that my performance was not going to dictate if I could receive love.

I finally felt… HAPPY.

I KNEW I had to share this with my clients, so I became a certified practitioner. My results with clients blew their minds just as much, and I quickly tripled my income. (No more broke trainer syndrome).

I knew as trainers, this would be the unfair advantage. You in?

The Investment

My commitment is to help you make back your FULL investment of this course by enrolling just 10 new clients.

That’s why, when you enrol in S.I.T. WARRIOR, I will be personally working with you for 6 weeks of BONUS Business Coaching.

With me in your back pocket, 10 new clients will be a total cakewalk.

Why am I committing to this?

I need your help changing the game in the gym.

Think about it. The gym world is superficial. Many people believe that when they lose x amount of pounds, THEN they will be happy. Or when they can lift x amount of weights, THEN they’ll be confident. You and I both know, and have seen time and time again, that's not the case... 

So, let's change the game together.

If you’re ready to set yourself apart from the crowd of trainers and get your clients unprecedented results…

Join me in S.I.T. WARRIOR
a 7 Week Transformational Program that will expose and liberate you of your own unconscious trauma and limitations... 

While certifying you with the skill and confidence to do the same for your clients.

“Just as we inherit our eye colour and blood type, we also inherit the residue from traumatic events that have taken place in our family.While our physical traits are easily discernible, this emotional legacy is often hidden from us. Anxiety, fear, financial worries, depression, illness and unhappy relationships can all be forms of our unconscious inheritance.”


– Mark Wolynn

Even though it's so obvious that emotional triggers are keeping our clients in a unconscious-trauma-loop, the path to  clearing them can feel out of reach for trainers... 

BUT the shocking truth is - most of the "gurus" are setting US up for failure!

By convincing you that you'll never make good money as a trainer (I do.)

By teaching that weight loss relies on diet changes and cardio (Nope, clearing childhood trauma will help your clients lose POUNDS of unwanted weight)

By teaching you to only focus on the physical body because the emotional body is irrelevant (That's false.)

By allowing you to believe that you have to work long hours, full days, in-person to actually have a business (I work from anywhere I want.)

But, ME AND THE TEAM AT Empowered Healers Academy,

Our complete 3-step radical
transformation protocol for
healing the emotional root
of PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL pain - in both your clients and yourself!

The S.I.T.Certification Program is the first
of its kind that:


All of our teachings are firmly based in science and are offered in our signature no bullsh*t style


We take trauma very seriously, but have no desire to lead you further into the darkness.  Things will get tough, but we'll keep you laughing along the way.


Kelsey is ready to bring her outspoken, magnetic style of coaching, while Vanessa will peer into your very soul with her eyes, shake you up, and soothe you as only she can.  Plus, you'll have the full support of an entire community of healers (55 badass grads, and counting) as you go and grow.


Our certification is LEGIT. Upon meeting graduating requirements, you'll have the opportunity to become an INSURED mental health care practitioner. It's the real deal, baby!

Your instructors, Kelsey and Vanessa, may not be as ripped as you are - but have taken everything they've learned leading hundreds - if not thousands - of these transformations and distilled it into a completely comprehensive, light-hearted but powerful system that you'll use for the rest of your personal and professional life.

The SIT Certification Program is a healing extravaganza - focusing on healing YOU as the trainer and coach, while learning how to facilitate this transformation on others.

We love to say the information happens in the video trainings, but the transformation happens in our LIVE healing demo's.

The end result: adoring clients, un-precedented results, a supportive community of other trainers who won't judge you, and unreal breakthroughs your clients couldn't get with any other trainer.

With Mel as an anchor for the class, her mindset support and years of experience as an olympic athlete, trainer and coach will keep you on track and locked into becoming the most badass trainer you can be.



Proven Theory

Every Monday you'll receive VIDEO and AUDIO TRAININGS in your PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP PORTAL. You'll have lifetime access to these trainings.

Practical Integration

Because you can only learn so much in videos, we'll come together for 7 MASTER HEALING SESSIONS held virtually on ZOOM. You will learn by witnessing sessions, receiving sessions and delivering sessions.

Kick Ass Compassionate Coaching

Jump on a LIVE coaching call with Kelsey & Vanessa every Thursday at 6:00PM MST. These calls are intended to keep you accountable, support you with client cases, marketing, mindset, or any course material you need more help with. If you can't make it live - we've got you! All calls will be recorded.

Support After Graduation

We absolutely hate how most programs just end - sending you out into the world to do your best and hopefully remember stuff. Our deepest intention is for you to feel supported on this journey.

That's why all enrolments include:

  • Breakout Rooms where you will be partnered up to PRACTICE your new modality and become a competent practitioner under EHA's guidance.
  • Case Study Practice Partner sessions with personal feedback and coaching from Vanessa, on how to improve as a practitioner with your new badass capacity.
  • Lifetime Access to our Alumni Facebook Group for ongoing support from Kelsey, Vanessa and other Empowered Grads.
  • Live Q&A Coaching Calls for 6 weeks AFTER graduating to ensure you're supported WHILE practicing in the real world!
  • BONUS business coaching with Mel Chatigny

And an in-person weekend experience full of healing, deep connection, support and breaking bread with your fellow EHA Alumni's. Due to COVID, dates are to be decided.




This program is not for the faint of heart.

It will not make you money as if by magic, and you must put in the work. Although we love to keep things light, spiritual transformations of this magnitude are often messy. We cannot shield you from the pain involved, but we can and will accompany you through it.

Here's what we ask each of our students: Give it ONE YEAR.  Put in the work.  Dig deep. Allow the dust to settle. Experience the personal transformation. Deliver transformation to others. And after that year - after all the trainings and calls and intensives and support - if you believe the program has been anything less than priceless, we will work with you to make it right.

That's how unshakably certain we are of this program's value. That's how unequivocally committed we are to your life-changing results.

So here's what you'll get by enrolling today:

Lifetime Access to the S.I.T. Curriculum and Recordings
7 Weeks of No-Nonsense, Powerhouse Training delivered LIVE
Private Invitation to a Transformational Weekend Gathering
6 Weeks of Live Q&A Calls after Graduation


And the opportunity to become an INSURED mental health care practitioner who is TRULY impacting peoples' lives and liberating them on a level that other practitioners couldn't - a bonus you won't find anywhere else.

Subconscious Imprinting Technique is a science based healing system designed to uncover and release repressed emotions and unresolved trauma that's contributing to stubborn physical and emotional symptoms.

You can do Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, Therapy, Medication and even SURGERY...

But if you're not addressing the emotional/subconscious root cause of the symptoms, you're missing a  HUGE link in the healing potential that's available.

Imagine you could be the one to take your clients to a level of healing that NO ONE else could?



I THOUGHT I was such a spiritual yogi type person until I went through TEHA. Not only has subconscious imprinting flipped my life around for the better, but I've also gained a broader perspective on life in general. Less judgments. Less projecting of my points of views on everyone and everything, which means overall, a TON more joy in life.


I honestly went from being soooo depressed, unfulfilled in life, overweight and basically just wanting to die... to super bubbly, happy and enjoying all the small things in life.


If someone would've told me that I'd feel like this only a few weeks after enrolling in the academy, I would've signed up a year ago!

Amanda Piasta

I have been a client of Vanessa‘s for a few years now and had such amazing results with S.I.T. for both Chronic Back pain from Ankylosing Spondylitis and emotional traumas from my childhood. When I heard about The Empowered Healers Academy I knew I had to learn more to help not only myself and also my patients.

Both Kelsey and Vanessa are amazing teachers and make such a safe environment to learn in. I am so grateful for this course and K&V because my business has exploded with patients loving Subconscious Imprinting. And not to mention the Chronic Anxiety that I have had my whole life was healed during my training and I haven’t had anxiety in seven months and counting.

Taylore Primrose, R.Ac, S.I.T. Practitioner, Life Coach

I was feeling this missing piece in my practice that most of my clients were needing…  But I couldn’t put words to it. After a few S.I.T. sessions with Vanessa, I knew this was it. I knew I needed to add this to my practice.

This 6 week course helped me as an individual, as a healer, as an entrepreneur - and has completely shifted my practice for my patients. I promise you, when you take this course, you will be able to heal and treat your patients in a way you’ve been truly longing for.

This work is unbelievably profound and phenomenal. Honestly mind-blowing. The amount of material given is very thorough and the support given throughout AND after is so beyond helpful.

Dr. Nicole Broadhurst, TCMD, S.I.T. Practitioner
Video Poster Image

"Most psychologists treat the mind as disembodied, a phenomenon with little or no connection to the physical body. Conversely, physicians treat the body with no regard to the mind or the emotions. But the body and mind are not separate, and we cannot treat one without the other.


- Candace Pert


We typically see 4 kinds of healers AND TRAINERS in this program.


You know you’re The Ready Healer if you have felt deeply that you’re not living your purpose. Maybe you’re a corporate worker who’s dabbled in Reiki, Meditation or Energy Healing… But you’re looking for a more “concrete” and CREDIBLE skill to build a career out of. You’re ready to step into the role as the Healer you KNOW you’re meant for.


You’re The Bored Healer if you’re already in the full time career of a healer.You’re good at what you do, and get good results… BUT…You’re bored. … And then you’re guilty for feeling bored.When you’re in session with clients, you’re present. But often times, you just don’t get lit up by being in sessions anymore.You KNOW there’s a deeper level of healing you can facilitate, and S.I.T. is it.


The Reluctant Healer, often very skeptical, is known for believing in spirituality.. While also rejecting and/or resisting one’s spiritual gifts. You know who you are. And yes, you’re a healer. (When will you finally accept it?) And yes, we’re going to help you heal. Even if you’ve tried EVERYTHING.


The Self Healer knows that in order to be the best parent, spouse, leader and human on the planet, it requires personal healing. You’re the Self Healer if you don’t necessarily want to heal others, you’re just committed to being the best version of you. You know that somehow, by healing yourself, you innately do heal the people and planet around you.

Whichever healer you are, in this 6 week transformational program, you’re going to


PROFOUND HEALING (for others.)