From the Heart of a Renegade - Episode #6 - The Unconscious Side of Conscious Relationships

What is the secret to building a powerful, conscious relationship?
Have you ever looked at a couple and thought: 
"I want what they have."
"Your relationship is on my dream board."
Or even "I'm so sick of being single but relationships are SO problematic!"
Then buckle up, Renegade. You're in for a VERY wild ride.
In this episode, learn how this power couple grew from being strangers on the internet to unpacking their baggage on the very first date, to meltdowns in the car and the garage, to healing wounds from their traumatic childhoods, to becoming the badass healers, entrepreneurs and couple we know and love today.
They dive deep into the gritty reality of being limited by UNCONSCIOUS trauma, and what it really takes to have a conscious relationship. 

Set up your relationship for success and grow from disconnected to power couple by learning how to:
  • Be savagely honest with your partner
  • Brave through all the shitstorms that come with being in a relationship
  • Go from talking about your partner to talking with your partner
  • Have the really uncomfortable tough conversations you KNOW you should have but keep avoiding
  • Understand mirror work in relationships and how your or your partner's trauma could be affecting your relationship
  • End all the drama, games, mindfuckery, and stupidity from your previous relationships once and for all
  • Stop shutting down and rejecting your partner and start nurturing them and bringing them in
  • Start seeing your partner as they are and not as they do
  • Stop taking things your partner says or does in moments of vulnerability personally and look at what's REALLY going on (Hint: it's in your subconscious 😉)
"People don't hurt other people unless they've been hurt in the first place. People don't want to hurt somebody else unless they're trying to protect something within themselves."
Love doesn't have to be hard. Maybe you're just giving up too soon.
If we can just stop trying to make our partners read our minds and instead tell them what's wrong and start asking for what we need, you can save three days of not talking.
And some of the biggest questions are: How much love are you missing because you're not flexible?

How much love are you rejecting because you're unwilling to be wrong? 

How much love are you rejecting, because of taking people personally? 

Let's explore it!

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