About Us

Heal the Healers, Empower the Humans,
and shift the consciousness of the planet.

It’s kind of weird, right?
How the world is saturated in self-help books, podcasts and hype filled weekend seminars… 

And yet so many people are still unfulfilled and disconnected from actually living their truth.

It’s also weird how there’s SO many different modalities, medications, therapies and health-care options..

And yet more people are struggling with chronic illness, pain and dis-ease than ever before. 

Here’s the missing link:

You can read the books and do the meditations…
You can do surgery, diets and medications…
You can try everything and anything… 

But if you’re not addressing the Emotional Root Cause…
Your Subconscious Mind (core identity, trauma, family loyalties, generational patterns, repressed emotions, suppressed memories, etc…) will CONSTANTLY override whatever work you do.  

That’s why we teach our students Subconscious Imprinting Technique, our intelligent 4 step healing system.

We’ve literally began building an Army of Light Workers who have the ammunition to uncover and heal the root cause of the most frustrating symptoms in our society.

Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our process is strategically designed to take you, the practitioner, through a 6 week intensive where you heal yourself of repressed emotions, unresolved trauma, deep family obligation/loyalty, and connect to YOUR truth… thus knowing how to TRULY facilitate transformation in your clients lives.

We essentially teach you how to UN-BECOME all the programming that’s contributing to the frustrating symptoms in your life. And then we show you how to do it for your clients, too.

#empoweredhealers = #empoweredhumans


But there’s more to our vision.

The Animals and The Earth.

It would be negligent to only work with the humans when there’s so much at stake with the rest of the planet.

That’s why 10% of ALL our swag sales goes to non-profits like Veterans Empowered To Protect African WildlifeSaving Grace Animal Society and Elephants, Rhinos & People.

This is something we’re incredibly proud of.



We MAY not be your cup of tea though.

The foundation of our brand is raw truth, transparency and authenticity.

So what does that mean?


There’s 3 main reasons you may not resonate with us:

1. We aren’t your typical “clinical trauma healers”.
You’ll often see one of our lead facilitators show up to class with a backwards hat on. We don’t have fancy doctorate degrees either. Oh, and we swear… A LOT.

Having said that, we also operate with total excellence, professionalism and deep care for our students and clients. We’ve facilitated hundreds (if not thousands) of transformational shifts in our clients and students lives.

Our students and graduates have been able to duplicate our system, reaching even more people with the transformational skills and tools we teach.

So no, we DON’T conform to societal norms of how we should “look”, “dress”, “talk” or “behave”.

Most of our students love that about us, but we also acknowledge that we’re not everyones cup of tea.

We are professional Pattern Disruptors. We do not hide, tone down, or dim who we are. By publicly living our lives this way, we attract our True Tribe – giving you permission to stand confidently in your truth and power as well.

If you don’t like our conduction, we kindly invite you to move on, Felicia!

2. We will challenge you. A lot. Everything you’ve been taught and conditioned to believe about life, love, money, career, health religion, and confidence.

This can admittedly cause some internal chaos and temporary loss of identity. It’s not uncommon to lose relationships, jobs or physical ailments in your life after taking this program.

Much like weeding a garden, the foundation of your life may get disrupted.

If you’re like us, you’re excited about the disruption and change.

Please don’t attend this class if you’re not open to the entire foundation of your life getting shook.

We will pose the question though.. Are you happy being comfortable?

We proudly come with a #TriggerWarning – so nothing should surprise you.



3. Yes, our Movement is for Healers, but we welcome all walks of life.

We believe that if you’re a good person with true intention to help the planet grow, you’re a healer of some kind.

Our bold promise is that it doesn’t matter WHO you are: the information you’ll learn will help you become a better boss, a better husband or wife, a better parent, a better friend, and of course, a better practitioner if you are one.

Alright, if you’re still reading, GREAT! We haven’t scared you away! Welcome to The Movement of Empowered Healers and Humans.

We’re grateful to have YOU in our Army. Now join us in class!!

PS. Not a professional healer? That’s ok. Some of our students join The Movement to transform their own lives and put an end to the generational patterns they’ve noticed passed down through their families.




Kelsey Eigler


Kelsey is an outspoken, often polarizing wall-flower, rarely spotted out past 9 pm.

Her work in trauma healing may seem like an odd match, considering her foul language and neck tattoo - but going against the grain is what she's known for.

Rocking radical transparency and the ability to make even the blackest sheep feel welcome, many people feel like they know her, but very few actually get the opportunity to.

Her highly engaging and entertaining lectures within her academy are both magnetic and ironic, considering she didn’t even finish high school.

Often wearing a hat and perched in a coffee shop with her gorgeous Wife, bougie water, and sticker filled laptop - you’ll either love her ambition or resent her for it, both of which she’s open to.

Random Facts:
* STRONGLY prefers eating off white plates (Black plates? Please no)

* Only wears mens underwear (Calvin Klein's with a thick waist band)

* Obsession: Lions, Elephants, Rhinos… and basically all animals, personal growth, defying this realities rules

* Favourite Movie: The Lion King

* Biggest Pet Peeve: The sound of chewing, people who still put produce in plastic bags, insecure people who try to kill your vibe + light

* Favourite Artist of ALL TIME: Brandi Carlile, Eminem

* Biggest Fear: The thought of regretting not going ALL in on unrealistic goals aaaaand public washrooms (*ahem, Starbucks) where the toilet is like 10 feet from the door and you're just staring at the door praying the lock works if someone tries opening it.

* Weird Superpower: Knowing when people are lying, and bending reality

* Biggest accomplishment: The personal transformation from being a drug dealer to growing The Empowered Healers into a 6 figure company without traditional education or credentials ... and my relationship with V (given the relationships witnessed as a child)

* Favourite drink: Water, Americano OR fresh squeezed orange juice

* Most excited by: Bees buzzing around in flowers, seeing people light up when they have a life changing epiphany


Vanessa Groshong

Charming and compassionate, with a healthy dose of badass, Vanessa's essence may be the medicine your soul's been longing for.
Those who know Vanessa have realized; you can run, you can hide, but she will still see you. All of you. This is both terrifying and magnetizing.
How does she do it? How is she able to see your deepest secrets and relieve you of their burdens within minutes of being in her presence?
This is the magic that she's known for empowering healers with, within her academy, as well as in her private practice reserved for limited clients.
Her favourite past times include making Orgonite, sipping americano's with her cutie wife, and attempting to make boobie mugs in pottery class without her teachers help.
Vanessa is someone you'll quickly fall in-love with, simply because of her ability to guide you to fall in-love with yourself. 

Random Facts:
* Discovered she is partially colour blind in February 2020 after being STOKED about a "black fedora" that she shortly found out was blue. 

* Created a 10 piece fashion line and ran it at Canada Western Fashion Week

* Obsession:  Pushing the boundaries of my body and mind to see how far energetic healing can go, finding the root-cause of finding why someone feels the way they do - even if that means finding different technology/modalities to discover it. 

* Favourite Movie: Avatar

* Biggest Pet Peeve: Animal hair on my clothes 

* Favourite Artist of ALL TIME: Michael Jackson

* Biggest Fear: Getting food poisoning from eating out

* Weird Superpower: Being able to touch someone and feel everything they're feeling in their body

* Biggest accomplishment: My Marriage

* Favourite drink: Americano, Chai Tea Latte, Mint-Lime or Hibiscus Kombucha 

* Most excited by: When people bring me presents - anything from snacks and coffee to plants or cards.


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